About Us

At VisiLearn our Virtual Classroom technology gives you access to a lab of hosted virtual machines, allowing you to provide hands-on software application training without ever having to enter an actual computer lab.  Our virtual machines live in "the cloud" and are accessible from any computer with internet access, providing each student with their own copy of the system for use throughout the training class.


  • As a trainer in the Virtual Classroom you have the ability to see a dashboard of all the students computer screens, so that it is comparable - possibly better - than being in a face-to-face classroom setting.  With a click of a mouse you can move to a student's computer to help them with any problems that they may be having.  Other communication add-ins that are common in eLearning environments are also included to assist you in making your Virtual Classroom a success.
  • Our technology is also suitable for trainers who travel to other sites to train in face-to-face classroom settings.  Instead of having to install application software on a lab of computers when you arrive, we can simply set up your classroom of virtual computers in "the cloud" and the students can access these directly from the computer lab.

Sales Consultants:

  • The VisiLearn technology is also suited to sales consultants needing to provide software application demonstrations and wishing to maintain a library of master copies of demonstration systems that can be reset at will.