VisiLearn for Demonstrations

With the VisiLearn virtual environment, the challenge of creating and presenting a compelling product demonstration becomes much easier.  The VisiLearn virtual environment allows you to easily manage multiple prospect evaluations simultaneously.  You can interact and collaborate with your prospects as they explore your software applications.  Using the VisiLearn virtual environment for sales demonstrations and software evaluations will allow you to: 

  • Store master copies of your product demonstration systems for future use.
  • Setup multiple custom evaluation systems for potential clients to review.
  • Any of these systems can be easily reset at the end of a demonstration or evaluation.
  • During the demonstration you can allow sales prospects to interact with their own copy of the product.
  • After the pre-sales demonstration the prospects can continue to access the system for as long as needed.

Incorporating the fully hosted VisiLearn virtual environment into your technical sales process, can ultimately result in a shorter sales cycle and the ability to close more business.