Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the benefits of using the VisiLearn virtual environment?

A:  The benefits are many and include:

  • Reduced travel expenses for instructors and participants.
  • Rapid scalability.
  • Lower infrastructure costs:  no hardware or server purchases.
  • Flexibility to easily create, change and replace your training environments.


Q:  What is required before I can begin using the VisiLearn environment?

A:  You will need the following:

  • A broadband internet connection.
  • Any Web browser to download the connectivity application.
  • Please see our Minimum System Requirements.


Q:  What is required to create the virtual environment?

A:  There is nothing really special required.  Most existing physical environments can be converted into virtual environments.  Also, most existing virtual environments can be converted, if necessary, from their current form into Hyper-V which is used in the VisiLearn infrastructure.


Q:  How many people can access and participate in the virtual environment at any given time?

A:  VisiLearn does not have any capability or design limitations affecting the number of people participating.  However, most instructors will have a maximum number of students that they think is appropriate for their own class.  We suggest a limit of 15 participants including the instructor, but there are no technical restrictions.


Q:  Do I need to make my screen resolution 1024 x 768?

A:  Students do not need to change their resolution unless it is less than 1024 x 768.


Q:  Do I need to download Version 6.0 MSTSC\RDP “Remote Desktop” or does it get installed with Virtual Classroom Connect (VConnect)?

A:  MSTSC/RDP is a program included with all versions of Windows prior to Windows XP. Virtual Classroom Connect (vConnect) uses MSTSC/RDP to make the remote connection to the student’s virtual machine.  As MSTSC/RDP is already on the student machines, we do not update it as part of our installation.  If a student has a version that is older than 6.0, they will need to download and install a free update from the Microsoft website.


Q:  Is the VisiLearn system available 24 hours / day?

A:  VisiLearn’s servers have services that must periodically restart.  We have chosen 10pm Central Standard Time (CST) to perform these resets.  If you are using the servers at 10pm CST, the Live Meeting and Communicator applications will restart.  This only takes a minute, and your connection to the labs should not be interrupted.  If you have any concerns about this timing please contact us so that we can make special arrangements for your scheduled class.