Have your key personnel and train them too

The Problem - How to find time for key personnel to attend training

Every organization has key personnel that are vital to the day-to-day operation of the company.  These people are obviously great at what they do, but they still require training to keep their skills and knowledge current.  When it comes to training in complex software applications, there is often a requirement of not just a couple of hours of training, but maybe a number of days of training to become up-to-date on new versions of existing software, or to explore new cutting edge software products which your company may consider implementing in the future.

The Solution - VisiLearn Virtual Labs

With a VisiLearn Virtual Lab you can have your trainers (inhouse or external) provide what would normally be a multi-day class in a series of shorter sessions.  The sessions, for example, could be conducted half a day at a time.

Due to the training being conducted via a Virtual Lab, the students no longer need to travel to a trainer or a training room.  They can access their training computer from the desktop of their work computer.  When the class is finished for the day they can return to their normal work activities and when they return to class the next day (or a few days later) their training space looks the same as when they left it.  Their training computer is available throughout the time covered by the class, e.g. a 5 day class may be divided into 2 half days/week over a 5 week period.  This means that they can login to their training computer on their work desktop in between training sessions if they want to test something or refresh their memory before training starts again.

VisiLearn Virtual Labs are a Classroom as a Service (CaaS), meaning that the instructor and student virtual computers are setup for you - the trainer simply provides us with an image of the training system to be used for the training.

Problem Solved

With training provided via VisiLearn Virtual Labs your key personnel can be trained in the most efficient way.

  • They do not need to travel to a trainer or a training facility.
  • The training can be divided into shorter sessions, allowing them time to attend training during their normal work day.
  • The hands-on nature of the Virtual Lab allows them to "learn by doing".

So, with VisiLearn Virtual Labs you really can have your key personnel and train them too.