The Technology

The technology behind the VisiLearn Classroom as a Service (CaaS) ® provides all the necessary elements to allow us to replicate and share your fully functional application environment in the cloud.  VisiLearn's CaaS ® is a complete solution which will ensure that you have everything that you need to be able to effectively teach hands-on software application training in the cloud.


Simple to Complex environments

We deliver classroom environments that range from simple, to those that support multiple chapters and multiple virtual machines.  Most existing physical environments can be used to create a virtual environment using Hyper-V, which is the infrastructure of choice at VisiLearn.  Virtual environments can be configured from a variety of operating systems, application software, hardware, as well as standard components such as Microsoft SQL Server.



Once we have built the image that your students will use in their virtual classroom, you can scale up or down as needed.  Students can access their individual virtual classrooms across multiple geographic locations, giving you the ability to include students that normally wouldn't be able to join your face-to-face classes.



 The VisiLearn virtual classroom technology is not only packed with features, for both students and instructors, but it is also extremely fast.  Our cutting-edge application acceleration reduces any delay between you, or your students, and the virtual machine.  This dramatically increases both performance and the quality of your experience.


VOIP and Telephone

We want your VisiLearn classroom experience to be as intuitive and seamless as possible.  So, instead of having to use another application for teleconferencing, we've integrated a VOIP and telephone system into the classroom.  Students and instructors can connect to their conference call simply by clicking the Telephone button on the border of their VisiLearn classroom window.