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The VisiLearn environment provides the closest experience to classroom training.  The technology available and the ease of use for both students and instructor add to the effectiveness of any training.  Students and instructors have access to their classroom 24 hours a day enabling them with the opportunity to work from any location.
As an instructor, I find the VisiLearn environment enables me to stay connected with my students.  I can provide assistance and answer questions in a multitude of methods that include voice, chat and remote assistance.  The students can communicate with me using their preferred method.
One of the many advantages to using VisiLearn is the friendly and helpful support team.  They are available at all times during the class.  Their assistance allows instructors to focus on teaching rather than worrying about the classroom.  VisiLearn provides the best method for teaching remote or online classes.  I look forward to teaching classes with VisiLearn.
Sarah Jelinek
IT Trainer
NetWork Center, Inc.



As a Certified Microsoft Training Academy, it's important for us to provide state of the art virtual facilities and learning environments for our students, and VisiLearn delivered.
They were consummate professionals while making the process efficient and easy.  Our students have always given us good feedback on our learning technology; commenting on versatility and making it easy for them to interact with us while not compromising the full learning experience.
Neil Hussey
Qixas Academy

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at VisiLearn for a number of training engagements.  Not only is their staff extremely competent, helpful and attentive but the training environment they provide to instructors is top notch.  Instead of having to travel to teach my classes and my students doing the same, we can now sit in the comfort of our offices and I can easily monitor my students remotely, see what they are doing on their computers, and help them accordingly.
This kind of perspective on what my students are doing and the ability to see for myself who is having issues and who is grasping the content is invaluable and changes the dynamic of how I can better help them.  Likewise, my students have the ability to come back to labs to reinforce their learning 24 hours a day over the duration of the course.  In a traditional “brick and mortar” training environment, this is not always possible.
Additionally, the services they provide decrease the overall cost of training and enable me to run more classes without cancellation due to the fact that I have such a broader reach at an affordable cost thus decreasing my breakeven point.
I would highly recommend VisiLearn for your training infrastructure needs.
Josh Behl
Vice President
Summit Group Software

VisiLearn is “the smart approach to e-Learning” and “…an absolute necessity for the e-classroom.”
Michael Heydasch