VisiLearn for Virtual Labs

With the VisiLearn technology we can easily change your existing physical computer classroom into a Virtual Lab of computers, enabling you to provide classes for software application training within your organization.  Your organization's trainers and subject experts can produce a master copy of software and data and we can upload this to your Virtual Lab of computers so that each student can have their own copy to use during the class, providing a "hands-on" learning experience.  The VisiLearn technology allows the trainer to see the desktop of every student in the class and the ability to seamlessly move to a student's desktop to help them if needed.


The benefits of the VisiLearn Virtual Lab include:

  • Reduced cost of travel with the ability of trainer and trainees to be in any location.
  • Reduced cost by less need for physical computer labs for classes.
  • The trainer can instruct by displaying materials and screens to all participants.
  • Trainees can simultaneously attempt hands-on exercises.
  • Trainer can see the trainee's desktop and access it with a click of the mouse.
  • Chat between participants and the trainer, either privately or as a group, is available.
  • Access to the trainee's Virtual Lab computer can be provided outside of training hours.