VisiLearn Enterprise - a secure corporate sandbox

Play safe with your business software.

VisiLearn Enterprise gives employees a safe, secure sandbox to learn just what they need to know - precisely when they need to know it.

Today's generation of employees grew up learning software by experimentation, while having the ability to reset or undo if they made a mistake.  Many have never used a software manual or been to a software class.  This experiential method of learning is not an option on your live enterprise systems where your data is at stake.

Most corporate learning occurs on-the-job.  Even though employees have been through formal training, when completing a specific task they may need a refresher.  A  Learning-on-Demand solution provides the focused knowledge they need just when they need it.

VisiLearn Enterprise gives your employees a way to practice crucial tasks before working with your live corporate data.  You can incorporate short videos and procedure documentation into VisiLearn Enterprise so that your employees can easily watch or read instructions for any task they need to review.  They can then use the integrated sandbox with your company's systems and data to safely and securely practice before working with your live systems.

VisiLearn Enterprise can be implemented stand-alone or can be integrated with your existing Learning Management System, and can use virtual servers located within or outside your company.